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As in chip on board or flip chip technology, the non-encapsulated optical components are affixed to the substrate directly or via additional interposers. Here the focus is on highest-precision placement (up to +/- 0.5µm), maximum cleanness (up to ISO Class 5) as well as highly sensitive treatment of the – usually very high-value – optical components.

Optical components such as laser diodes or pin photodiodes require extremely precise and careful handling. This is one of the reasons why all critical work steps are conducted under the strictest cleanroom conditions of ISO Class 5.  

For the layout of opto-electronic systems, we offer active and passive optical alignment.

For the validation of highly complex optical assembly groups, we provide specially developed high-precision testing equipment. An integral part AEMtec’s engineering team is a group whose task is to develop product-specific test systems. Thus we’re just the right partner for the development of your product-specific (optical) test equipment.


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