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System manufacturers appreciate AEMtec due to the company’s profound expertise in the assembly and integration of highly complex opto-electronic systems. The incorporation of optics, electronics and mechanics is one of the outstanding strengths of AEMtec. Rigorous miniaturization enables the design of increasingly complex solutions.

Individual components and systems need to be implemented with the utmost precision to create semiconductors in the nanometer range.

Longstanding industrial experience and qualifications are vital for the smooth control of these high-precision processes. Equipped with top-level qualifications, the AEMtec team fulfils both these requirements and is the ideal choice for discerning business partners operating in the complex semiconductor technology sector.


  • Lithography systems
  • Mask writers
  • Semiconductor testers
  • Micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS)

AEMtec GmbH

+49 30 6392 7300