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The idea and its implementation!

Dr. Andreas Ostmann researched the chemical bumping process. He consequently sticked to his plan and created this method, which saved costs and efforts. It has not lost its importance until today! Watch the interview and find out more!

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Innovate together!

We continue our interview series with Experts on the topic development and common projects in the field of microtechnology. This time the fan-out technology was discussed. Ingolf Schlosser from AEMtec interviewed Dr. Tanja Braun from Fraunhofer.

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Interesting Insights and Outlooks

Learn more about the thoughts, the motivation, the close cooperation between Fraunhofer and AEMtec and the innovations that could be developed together.  

What will the future bring us in the field of microtechnology?

Redistribution Layers: Interview between Daniel Lieske and Dr. Michael Töpper

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