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Success is built by people

As a company with a clear commercial focus, we carry significant responsibility toward our customers, employees, suppliers and society as a whole. We have collaborated with our staff to define values and rules that we observe and apply rigorously.

Our Mission

We use strong engineering, production and supply chain expertise to deliver innovative E2MS services that create benefits for our customers along the entire value chain and throughout the product life cycle.

Our Vision

As a technology specialist for economically attractive E2MS services, we are the partners of choice to our customers in lucrative niche markets.

We act as committed partners to our customers and suppliers. This ensures a sustained increase in value added for both sides.

Our innovative ideas create new products. We collaborate with our specialised partners to deliver the know-how required to develop and manufacture your products.

We satisfy societal demands through a clear commitment to the education of young people and by creating regular apprenticeships.

We live and breathe quality – at all times and in every area. A strict CIP (continuous improvement process) applies to all of our workflows. Ultimately, customer satisfaction is what really counts.

Collaboration with our suppliers and their earliest integration within our processes make us more successful.

We promote environmental awareness by operating sustainably and focusing on preventive measures.