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Success is built by people

As a company with a clear commercial focus, we carry significant responsibility toward our customers, employees, suppliers and society as a whole. We have collaborated with our staff to define values and rules that we observe and apply rigorously.

Our Mission

Our focus is on people!

Within our organisation, we promote and develop each individual according to their own personality and continuously strive for improvement. We offer the necessary freedom for self-fulfilment so that bespoke technological innovations become possible. Comprising a wide range of skills and personalities, our organisation stands for strong engineering and production competence, which are used efficiently in the interest of our customers.

Our actions are intended to nurture an emotional and long-term relationship with our business partners. In doing so, we provide advice and support to the decision-makers, while remaining a dependable partner for the collaborative resolution of sophisticated technological problems. In cooperation with our partners, we attach considerable importance to frank and prompt communication as equals. By doing so, we are able to ease the strain on our customers' organisation.

Our Vision

We strive for sustainable success!

We seek to develop continuously and sustainably in order to rise reliably to any demanding technological challenge. Fulfilling the wishes of our clients is paramount to us, as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Not only do want to become the world leader in the field of assembly and connection technology, we are determined to be the most environmentally friendly supplier in our market as well. 

We will steadily grow our technology portfolio so that we can continue to develop excellent miniaturisation solutions for all technological customer requirements. In the medium term, we would like to expand into further market segments on the basis of our unique technological spectrum and at the same time develop market shares in North America and Japan. Over the coming 5 years, we also plan to extend our expertise into the aerospace sector, which will enable us to secure a significant market share. 

We act as committed partners to our customers and suppliers. This ensures a sustained increase in value added for both sides.

Our innovative ideas create new products. We collaborate with our specialised partners to deliver the know-how required to develop and manufacture your products.

We satisfy societal demands through a clear commitment to the education of young people and by creating regular apprenticeships.

We live and breathe quality – at all times and in every area. A strict CIP (continuous improvement process) applies to all of our workflows. Ultimately, customer satisfaction is what really counts.

Collaboration with our suppliers and their earliest integration within our processes make us more successful.

We promote environmental awareness by operating sustainably and focusing on preventive measures.