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The Opto Packaging process is characterised by the fact that unpackaged optical components are attached to the substrate directly or via interposers. The priorities are high placement accuracy (up to +/- 0.5µm) as well as sensitive handling in a clean room environment (up to ISO class 5).  Optical components such as pin diodes or laser diodes require high-precision handling. Consequently, all critical work steps are carried out under the strictest clean room conditions. 

We offer active and passive alignment for the construction of optoelectronic systems.

An in-house engineering team with the main task of developing and supporting product-specific test systems is available.  Maximum functionality is already assured during the product development phase.

The alignment and placement of lenses and lens arrays in optical systems is commonplace today. However, the high-precision adjustment of beam-forming optics is a different matter altogether. 

The ever tighter requirements on the applications, e.g. in the telecommunications industry and in medical technology, have made active adjustment devices indispensable. Whether you require spacers, a single-lens layout or an alignment of arrays with several thousand lenses – AEMtec is your competent and reliable partner for client-specific alignment of optical components and the relevant joining processes.

Opto-encapsulation is mostly used when working with LEDs and photodiodes. With the aid of optically transparent or light-filtering encapsulation materials, chips and bonded wires are protected against mechanical damage and/or insulated from ambient influences and at the same time used constructively for light guidance purposes. An additional option is to protect optical components via partial encapsulation, leaving e.g. the active surface free. 

AEMtec offers a variety of procedures for automated encapsulation via dispensing or jetting (in the nano- to milliliter range) using epoxies, silicones or acrylates. The encapsulation material can be single- or double-component as well as thermally or UV light-hardening.


  • High placement accuracy up to +/- 0.5µm
  • Active and passive optical alignment
  • Clean room environment up to ISO class 5
  • Product-specific test systems, developed in-house


  • Laser diodes
  • Pin diodes
  • Optoelectronic systems