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At AEMtec, quality assurance and quality management have always guided everything that we do.

We provide our customers in the aerospace sector with outstanding service, manufacturing highly precise and complex micro (opto-) electronic components and modules. Not only does AEMtec understand the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry, it also knows how to fulfil them 100%.

We accompany the challenging demands and complex processes through:

  • Detailed process development
  • Careful selection of business partners within supply chain management
  • Validation and verification programmes
  • Series production maturity
  • Low volume to high volume series production
We have a demonstrably high level of customer satisfaction:

The Swarm satellite project for the European Space Agency (ESA) is an example of our experience in the aviation and aerospace sector. In this project, AEMtec took charge of assembly and connection technology for an unencapsulated chip in a GPS receiver. This was a core technological competency within this satellite project.


  • Highly qualified team
  • Reliable, proven quality
  • Traceability of process structures
  • Transparent project management
  • Development based on a wide range of high-tech processes and procedures
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Analysis laboratory and test method to determine product lifetime and environmental behaviour
  • Series production
  • Box building