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Company Philosophy

As a business-oriented enterprise we bear significant responsibility towards clients, staff members, suppliers and the public at large. Assisted by surveys conducted among our staff, we have developed a framework of rules and values that will be shown in brief overview below. 

  • In our relationships with our customers and suppliers, we act as partners. This sustainably promotes added value, for both enterprises equally.
  • We live quality - always and everywhere. At AEMtec, all processes are subject to the CIP (continual improvement process).
  • Our innovative ideas create new products. Together with our competent partners, we deliver the know-how for the development and manufacture of your products. 
  • Success is made by people. Our clients benefit from our qualified and highly motivated employees, who daily ensure the success of both enterprises. 
  • A partnership-based relationship with our suppliers and their earliest-possible integration into our processes promotes our own success. 
  • We promote environmental awareness by working sustainably and placing value on preventive measures.
  • We satisfy societal expectations by involving ourselves in the training of young people and regularly creating training opportunities.
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