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Grand opening

AEMtec is pleased to announce the grand opening of their US Tech center located in the Boston Photonics Center in the heart of Boston, MA.

As an established B2B company for complex and reliable solutions in the field of miniaturization, AEMtec offers a broad technology portfolio including wafer back-end services, chip on board, flip chip, 3D integration and optoelectronic packaging.

Customer specific requirements from the medical, industrial and automation, data and telecommunications, semiconductor and aerospace sectors can be quickly and reliably implemented in a clean room environment.

The range of services includes design, development, industrialization, qualification, prototyping (NPI), test and test system development, series production, supply chain management and after sales services.


Increasing customer requests and the demand for intensive consulting for the challenging and innovative projects of our US customers requires responsive and knowledgeable input which AEMtec can now provide here locally in the US.

Benefit from the performance and services of AEMtec

Development, Industrialization and Manufacturing of COMPLEX MICRO - AND OPTOELECTRONICS all sourced from one experienced supplier.

AEMtec USA provides

  • Technical support for US and Canadian based customers
  • Rapid prototyping services for new and existing customers to help
  • accelerate their product introductions
  • Additional services upon request and agreement
  • Specialized Laboratory equipment
  • Analytics methods
  • Industrialization and volume production to be performed at
  • well-established location AEMtec Berlin but:
  • Close link between experienced AEMtec USA and AEMtec Berlin people
    to secure fast volume ramp up

AEMtec USA Inc.

Boston University Photonics Center
8 Saint Mary’s Street
Suite 614
Boston, MA 02215-2421

+1 617 353-2913