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Challenges and strategies for future packaging technologies

Future technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum technology or high-performance computing are the basis for solving challenges for society as a whole such as digitalization, the energy transition or environmental issues. At last, this is only possible through advanced or novel system integration strategies in microelectronics and microsystems technology. To achieve this, the key technology of assembly and interconnection technology (also known as advanced assembly and packaging) and all its facets must be raised to a new level. Technological developments as well as new cooperation models and changed approaches in the supply chain are necessary.

In this context, AEMtec is an exposed provider of micro and optoelectronic systems and continues to face the challenges of future technologies with the best solutions along the value chain.

High demands are placed on system integration in electronics. On the one hand, it is important to provide highly complex and multifunctional (e.g. microelectronics, optical, sensory) as well as energy-efficient solutions. On the other hand, they must also be modular, standardized and able to be produced with reasonable cost in different quantities. One special challenge is to use mass production technologies to provide customizable and therefore highly specific solutions for respective application. Since cooperation between large and medium-sized companies is essential here, adapted procedures and new models must be implemented in the supply chain.

For the key technology “Advanced Assembly and Packaging” for example, the value chain must be raised technologically and cooperatively to a new level in order to create high-quality integration solutions, such as chiplet, system-on-a-chip and system-in-package products on wafer and substrate level. The 3D integration also offers an additionally advantage. In order to establish or keep a lasting industrial leadership position that goes hand in hand with location-oriented production security, IP protection, new system architectures and tailored research and development activities, promising innovations and optimized models must also be introduced quickly and tailored to the specific application needs of the markets (e.g. computing, communication, automotive, mechanical engineering, medicine and so on).

In addition to large volumes, more individual and complex systems are required in many applications, which, with their specific properties, are only needed in small to medium quantities. In this context, AEMtec specializes in customized solutions in microelectronics and microsystems and has faced the challenges of standardized procedures when designing production processes and costs.

New cooperation models in the supply chain, which consider all data from materials, devices, equipment and production processes as well as cost breakdowns (also using AI), enable production to be optimized in the development and production preparation phase and during manufacturing and not least accelerate the market launches and product success.

The flexibility and the competence of a medium-sized, specialized company like AEMtec are essential here.