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The UBM process is a well experienced part of the wafer back-end services offered by AEMtec. Implementing a new UBM-line, in-house processing will lead to many advantages regarding lead times and quality and create more versatility.


The last few years, AEMtec gained experience with the electroless under bump metallization (UBM) as one of the first services in wafer back-end processing. During this period, a close cooperation between Fraunhofer IZM Berlin and AEMtec was established. The UBM process is a key process prior to the solder balling process and is conducted very reliable on various products.

We are pleased that AEMtec will transfer the electroless UBM process, developed by Fraunhofer IZM, into our facility. This enables more flexibility in various aspects of the process: emerging problems can be overcome faster, the logistics and quality assurance can be optimized, the staff organization is facilitated and the equipment accessibility is enhanced.

As part of several products, the UBM process is essential in the process chain of AEMtec. The new UBM equipment has been adapted to our requirements and optimized regarding process issues and safety for users. With in-house UBM equipment we are expecting to reduce lead times to meet and improve customer’s needs. UBM series production can be applied in the three-shift system and new engineering requests can be developed faster with support of appropriate methods at AEMtec.

We are glad to qualify the process and products with the new UBM equipment in the third quarter of 2024.