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If you have questions and needs in the field of development, industrialization and manufacturing of complex micro and optoelectronic modules, we recommend AEMtec as reliable and competent service partner.


In my position as CEO of the IVAM Microtechnology Network, I want to express my recognition for the close cooperation and the mutual support between our association and AEMtec.

AEMtec is a leading provider of customized micro and optoelectronics and it is undoubtedly an outstanding member of our network. Likewise, AEMtec is an enrichment for the microtechnology sector.

AEMtec reliably fulfils customer-specific requirements that arise in the field of microtechnology. Cutting-edge technologies and many years of experience ensures development and implementation of technical solutions for micro and optoelectronic modules and components.

We fully recommend AEMtec as full-service provider.

Through maintaining a strong network with prestigious institutes from the worlds of science and industry, AEMtec provides the application of cutting-edge research into process development and high-end technologies. The comprehensive expertise and the wide technology portfolio are benefits for IVAM and their members.

Joint appearance at trade fairs and other events lead to a win-win situation for all parties to reach a broader public.

We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation and also to expanding together the possibilities in the field of microtechnology.