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Domiciled at the prestigious science hub of Berlin Adlershof, AEMtec GmbH specialises in the development, industrialization and manufacture of complex micro- and optoelectronic modules and even complete systems. 

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As an established B2B company for complex and reliable solutions in the field of miniaturization, AEMtec offers a broad technology portfolio including wafer back-end services, chip on board, flip chip, 3D integration and opto packaging.

Customer-specific requirements from the medical, industrial and automation, data and telecommunications, semiconductor and aerospace sectors are reliably implemented soon.

The range of services includes design, development, industrialization, qualification, prototyping (NPI), test and test system development, series production, supply chain management and after sales services

We fully recommend AEMtec as partner for innovative electronic solutions

If you have questions and needs in the field of development, industrialization and manufacturing of complex micro and optoelectronic modules, we recommend AEMtec as reliable and competent service partner.

New UBM equipment in-house

The UBM process is a well experienced part of the wafer back-end services offered by AEMtec. Implementing a new UBM-line, in-house processing will lead to many advantages regarding lead times and quality and create more versatility.



Stable network for sustainable success

AEMtec maintains a strong network with prestigious institutes from the worlds of science and industry, ensuring the application of cutting-edge research into processes and high-end technologies.