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Portable medical technology, wearables or point-of-care diagnostics ensure faster response times and enable better treatment methods – and in this way improve quality of life. With our proven expertise and longstanding experience in the field of miniaturising electronic components and printed circuit boards, we deliver reliable functions for these medical applications.

Our specialist fields

Within micro-technology and optics, AEMtec is a specialist for the product/process development and manufacture of imaging systems and applications for the area of mobile diagnostics. AEMtec provides these services in clean room environments up to class ISO 5 and is certified according to ISO 13485.


  • Short term implants
  • Wearables
  • Computer tomography
  • X-ray machines
  • Ultrasound systems
  • Analysis/dialysis equipment
  • Therapeutic equipment
  • Endoscopes

AEMtec GmbH

+49 30 6392 7300