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Maximum-Precision Placement

Absolute functional safety requires diligently and pinpoint-precise assembly. Optical components such as laser diodes or pin photodiodes must be handled with extreme care and meticulousness.

High-precision automatic bonders are used to align the tiny structures to one another. AEMtec works on the basis of the well-proven die-bonders by Amicra and Finetech, which are capable of positioning structures in XY with a precision of up to 0.5 µm. A torsion angle of 3.5 µrad or 0.0002° can be achieved. The high-precision die bonders operate under ISO 5 conditions.

AEMtec relies on a combination of visual alignment and image recognition. By means of a beam splitter and calibrated optics, the substrate surface and the component undersides can be captured and image-represented by using just one camera system. This versatile and reliable image recognition system controls the alignment of the parts to be joined, permitting exact manipulation of the working surface with respect to the reference tool.


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