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Chip and Wire Bonding

AEMtec’s technological bandwidth stretches across a variety of bonding procedures for micro-technology uses. 

Chip on Board (CoB)

Bare dies made e.g. from silicon or other raw materials are glued or soldered onto the substrate and connected to the conductor pattern by using of gold or aluminium wires. The AEMtec portfolio covers all popular wire bonding procedures. For adhesion bonding of semiconductors to substrates, AEMtec relies on a wide array of conductive and non-conductive, temperature- or UV-hardening adhesive substances, e.g. on epoxy or silicon basis. The combination of the various procedures is selected as the ideal solution depends most importantly on the requirements at hand and the desired result. But in addition to the desired quality, the product must also satisfy the relevant commercial requirements.

Chip on Glass (CoG), Chip on Ceramic (CoC), Chip on Flex (CoX)

Since AEMtec works with almost all substrate types, the above-mentioned considerations apply equally to all substrates. The exact design of a product must be tailored to the substrate at hand, which in turn is derived from the overall set of requirements.


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