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Project Management

Listening, Understanding & Advising – Our Foundation for Successful Projects

In the run-up to any project, we discuss various alternative approaches with our client. Depending on the project and the project status, we review feasibility aspects, concrete, previously agreed specifications, as well as various risk analysis methods. The result of these consultations forms the basis for secure and reliable decisions and applications.  AEMtec supports projects from the initial concept all the way to after-sales services. Entry into - or exit from - a project is easily possible at any point along the value chain.

With its IPMA-certified development director and project managers as well as a network of partners from a wide range of fields, AEMtec has gained broad experience in managing complex international projects. To reach the common goal, we work with interdisciplinary teams and collaborate closely with the client and the suppliers. Already during the product development phase, we keep a close focus on active management of the – usually complex – supply chain.