AEMtec GmbH

AEMtec GmbH, based at the prestigious science and technology location in Berlin-Adlershof, is a well-established B2B enterprise that offers high-quality miniaturized technologies for sophisticated (opto-) electronic applications.

Always a Step Ahead in the Race for Efficiency

In a solutions-oriented dialogue with our clients – listening, understanding & advising – we define concrete expectations in terms of product functionality. Our combination of development and manufacturing competency and special know-how in professional lifecycle management provides the basis for happy customers. SAP-guided processes help us to help you optimize your supply chain performance and production yield.

AEMtec supports projects of nationally and internationally active enterprises. Miniaturized electronics by AEMtec are used e.g. in the medical, data- and telecommunications, industrial & automation, semiconductor, security and automotive industries.

Medical Technology
-	High-resolution ultrasonic picture showing a foetal
Data- and Telecommunications
-	Close-up on technical component for Data- and Telecommunication
Industry & Automation
Ceiling of a production site showing assembly line.
Close-up on a green semiconductor
Moving lights on a rainy street by night